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A story set in the Deadgirl universe . . . 

Daphne is one of the Keres, an ancient line of women from Greek myth. Part Fate, part battlefield Valkyrie, she can sense violence and death wherever she goes. 

After Daphne transforms into a monster and is taken away by her family at the end of "Deadgirl: Ghostlight," she finds herself on a journey of fear, flight, and self-discovery. Hounded by monster hunters and her own inner demons, Daphne must find a way to cope with who and what she is, or lose her mind and soul forever to the Beast within. 

While Lucy, Morgan, and the others begin their road trip in another part of the country, Daphne takes her first step down a new path. 

Who's more dangerous: the hunters, or the monster?

Deadgirl B.C. Johnson
Deadgirl Ghostlight B.C. Johnson

Join Me for NaNoWriMo

After a two-year hiatus, I'm doing National Novel Writing Month again this November. Come join me and write 50,000 words in a month! Like some kind of crazy person! Click on the link below to find my profile and become writing buddies. 

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